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The 7 CFORTH Factors

What makes CFORTH unique and different?

Fairness is the sum of CFORTH’s guiding principles: Transparency, Security and Value.

Fairness is our promise to You, Our Customer.

Wow Products are products or services that are unique, stand out, and make a difference.

Wow Products must save you more than you spend.

Our first WOW Products are Blaze EcoTech, our revolutionary fuel saver, and Voyager our deeply discounted travel booking engine.

We will continually add eGig Stores month after month, year after year, delivering products and services that we all need and want.

Our first official eGig Store has just been launched, NutraGrove, featuring Health and Wellness products and PCR Pure, a line of CBD Products.

We have put together an international team of highly successful business professionals and Board Members from some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

World-famous American actor and producer, Neal McDonough, is CFORTH’s Brand Ambassador and in charge of CSR.

With a marketing and sales office at the iconic Chinese Theater, CFORTH reaches 5 million visitors annually.

Come visit us!

eGigPay is the world’s most advanced commission system. It’s designed to generate the most income for you, while improving customer loyalty.

20% of all commissions are paid as an extra bonus with eGigCoin, our bonus token. Each eGigCoin is worth $1 US dollar. 

The future of eGigCoin is to create one of the first cryptocurrencies that will have a true valuation prior to being traded globally*.

*The company makes no promise or guarantee of any kind, that the eGigCoin will eventually be converted into a cryptocurrency.

CFORTH has been developed to operate around the world.

We have dedicated over a year in developing a robust platform that will serve the entire world over the years to come. 

We are already live in North America, and in the EU.

We are ready for global growth!

Neal McDonough and CFORTH

Neal talks about his involvement with CFORTH at the Chinese theatre.

Founder’s Message

A welcome message from our Founder Mark Seyforth

Welcome to CFORTH!

This video will give you a brief Summary of what we’re all about.

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