About Us

CFORTH is the revolutionary Online Marketplace that allows you to access great services and products with outstanding value, while earning extra income by sharing access with others.

Join CFORTH for free and access our products/services at great value from our eGigStores. We offer deep discounts on quality products and services that people use every day.

Should you wish to receive deeper discounts, and be eligible for higher commissions, you can upgrade your membership to Digital Business Owner (DBO), or to DBO Pro.

20% of all commissions are paid as an extra bonus in eGigCoin, our bonus token. Each eGigCoin is worth $1 USD. Our intention is that the eGigCoin will be converted into a cryptocurrency in the 2nd half of 2023*. Our strategy behind the eGigCoin is to create one of the first cryptocurrencies that will have a true valuation prior to being traded globally.

*The company makes no promise or guarantee of any kind, that the eGigCoin will eventually be converted into a cryptocurrency.

Our Products

Blaze EcoTech – a revolutionary Patented and EPA Registered Fuel Catalyst that improves gas economy, lowers emissions and delivers more power to your engine!

Voyager – Our Exclusive Travel Savings Booking Platform. Voyager allows CFORTH members to save thousands on travel! From hotels world wide, to cruises,condos, car rentals, fantasy vacations and more!

NutraGrove – Your health and wellness portal. NutraGrove products provide natural soothing creams, ointments, sprays and even pet products to keep us all feeling our best!

CFORTH will be adding more eGig Stores and product categories over the months and years ahead. CFORTH is looking all over the globe for the best products to deliver to our members. If you are a product supplier and wish to sell your products or services via CFORTH, please contact support@cforth.com.

Neal McDonough – our Brand Ambassador

World-famous American actor and producer, Neal McDonough, is CFORTH’s Brand Ambassador and in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors with over 130 hit movies and series to his credit. Neal’s latest production is as Malcolm Beck in the Paramount TV series Yellowstone, where he stars together with Kevin Costner.

Board and Management

The Board of Directors consists of Mr. Mark Seyforth, a legendary serial entrepreneur, involved in the travel, movie and entertainment industries, based in Los Angeles. CFORTH’s CEO is Mr. Fredrik Staël von Holstein. Fredrik has stock-listed two companies and been the CEO of nine international and fast-growing companies. Mr. Oscar Bjers, the former CEO of Apple Sweden for 20 successful years. Mr. Bo Wänghammar, the former CEO of the online casino Mr Green, and Managing Director of Poker Stars Casino world-wide.

The Management Team is made-up of several business leaders from high level and fast-growing enterprises. All of CFORTH’s managers have outstanding track records.

Corporate Culture

The company’s culture is based on ”Fairness”. Fairness is the sum, embodiment and culmination of CFORTH’s guiding principles: Transparency, Security and Value. Fairness reflects every touchpoint within CFORTH, reaching all processes and policies within our company.

”Fairness” at CFORTH is the open relationship between CFORTH and our company’s staff, customers, and partners.


“Always being at the forefront of technology and innovation, following a business culture which is based on Transparency, Security and Value, creating opportunities for millions of people looking for a secondary income”


“To create a global network of people unified by a common cause of benefitting all that we touch, providing tremendous value and enjoyment coupled with a compensation plan that will change life for the better”

Board Members

Fredrik Staël von Holstein

CEO, Board Memeber

CFORTH’s CEO and co-founder. Fredrik has been the CEO of no less than eight international and fast growing companies.

He was the CEO of Evoke Gaming Ltd, a Maltese company he turned around and then sold to Mr Green (in 2018). He has since then run his own Maltese consultancy company (Tindra).

Fredrik has also been the CEO of the Metro newspaper in the Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, Spain and Portugal.

Between 1998-2001, Fredrik was part of the Swedish .com revolution: as the COO (and acting CEO) of LetsBuyIt.com, he grew sales to € 30M in the year 2000, shipping 1 million parcels across the EU.

In 1996-98, Fredrik was the CEO of Interactive Television in Spain. Between 1993-96, he was the Country Product Manager for EF Language Travel (EF Education) in Sweden and Mexico.

Fredrik has lived in 13 countries and stock-listed 2 companies.

Mark Seyforth

Founder, Board Member

Mark Seyforth is CFORTH’s Chairman and founder. He is a serial entrepreneur and a network marketing expert. He has also received a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida.

In the 1970’s Mark founded Seyforth Laboratories where he, among various products, was the inventor of the Diet Milkshake. Seyforth Laboratories and the diet milkshake came to grow into the founding pillars of what is today known as Herbalife. Mark grew Seyforth Laboratories to over $100 million in revenues during its second year, with over 130,000 distributors and +1 million monthly customers.

Mark has continued to develop and sell his own companies over the past 40 years.

His latest venture is TechnologyTRNDS, a travel portal and booking-engine. Mark has retired several times (after selling successful companies that he’s started), the first time when he was only 28 years old.

Oscar Bjers

Partner, Board Member

Working as a Board Member, the business division of the eGigStores will be headed by Oscar Bjers.

As the CEO of Apple in Sweden during the past 20 years, under Oscar’s leadership, Apple Sweden grew to have Apple’s highest iPhone market share (47%) world-wide, while the Pad landed at #2 globally with a 55% market share. Oscar had the pleasure to have many meetings with both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. During his many years with Apple, Oscar was regarded as one of the heavyweights in Apple’s European organization.

During the .com era, Oscar was also one of the Directors and in-charge of sales at Icon Medialab (an internet consultancy company with 3000 employees around the world).

Between 1988-96, Oscar started his career at Nokia in Sweden and Spain, where he was instrumental in turning the company around, growing Nokia’s distribution business division to USD 120M as Vice President Sales in Sweden.

Bo Wänghammar

Board Member

Bo was until recently the Managing Director of PokerStars Casino and part of the Stars Group Management Team.

Bo was until recently the Managing Director of PokerStars Casino and part of the Stars Group Management Team. In less than 3 years , Bo took the PokerStar’s Casino business division from an annual revenue run rate of $250M to $550M. By year end 2019, Poker Stars Casino had grown to become the world’s largest online casino. Bo has also been CEO of stock-listed Mr. Green, one of Europe’s most famous and recognized online gambling brands.

Bo was also the CEO of Sweden’s first ISP (Algonet) as well as the CEO of Lenseway.com.

Bo has held countless senior management positions throughout his extensive career. He is one of CFORTH’s most experienced and versatile managers and has held countless positions and job titles since the end of the 1980’ie, such as: CONTROLLER, CFO, COO, CMO, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER, as well as numerous CEO positions.


Ricard Jensen

Creative Director

Ricard is a design professional with over 20 years experience, who has been working in industries such as Gaming, Advertising, Online Retail & Video Production.

He has a solid background working with some very notable clients both as part of a team on many projects and while running his own business. Some of these are: IKEA, Volvo, Orkla, SonyEricsson, EA Games & More.

Ricard, due to his vast experience has often been part of the core management team applying his knowledge and skills for a holistic approach on many projects, leading teams of designers and other creators towards outstanding and top quality productions.

Dan Westerlund

Chief Technical Officer

Dan is our Chief Technical Officer. With an extensive technical background, he has excelled as CTO, Software Architect, Senior Tech Lead and Agile expert in a multitude of international software development projects for more than 25 years.

Dan has worked in sectors like banking/fintech, telecom, travel, e-commerce, logistics and space industry, for companies such IBM, France Telecom, Ericsson, Banco Santander, BBVA and Swedish Space Corp.

He has a special interest in Software Design Principles and Design Patterns, Blockchain technologies, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT, and has been a speaker at several IBM Cloud/Blockchain events, e-commerce conferences, and various other occasions.

He also speaks 3 languages fluently and is conversational in a few more.

David Pyke

Membership & Education Director

David Pyke is a business visionary and advertising specialist. David has also been a college professor and is known as an excellent educator and mentor. David got his start in Advertising Design in 1989 and was so accomplished that the college asked him to teach graphic design, which led to a 20-year successful teaching career.

David is a great communicator, and he currently educates new CFORTH members and assist in the company’s training programs to get the most out of our membership.

He currently hosts CFORTH’s weekly calls, interviews our guests, provides news and information and answers membership questions. David presents a positive and very understanding rapport with members to make them feel that they are getting Transparency, Security and Value with every question asked.

David has 14 years employment with a national advertising agency as a production artist in print and digital materials featuring clients such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, World Wrestling Entertainment, HBO, and various cable television networks.

David has also worked with live onsite promotions during “Spring Break” events in Daytona Beach, Florida with clients such as Playboy, Lagerfeld, Ocean Spray and others. David is based in Orlando, Florida.

Greg Schantz

Chief Financial Officer

CFO and investor, Greg Schantz, brings a wealth of talent to CFORTH.

Greg obtained his CPA license in New York State. He has operated a successful Home Improvement

Greg is an Accountant and obtained his CPA in New York State in 1986, a year when he was employed by Deloitte, one of the “Big 4 Accounting” firms, and engaged in audits of companies such as Xerox.

Greg later joined a boutique real estate investment firm: The Shoptaw Group in Atlanta, GA and designed and programmed the software systems and reporting for all holdings.

He subsequently joined his family business Schantz Homes, and later established his own venture Schantz Home Improvement Company which Greg successfully operated for 21 years.

Greg is a leader at Northpoint Community Church and has been active with Habitat for Humanity since 1990.

Frank Minyon

Chief Operating Officer

CFORTH’s COO, with 17+ years within healthcare technology operations and leadership.  Frank has operationalized global departments and that led initiatives within strategy, data exchange, revenue cycle management, patient care improvement (data), and customer service excellence.  
Between 2004-21, Frank was proficient with leading organizations and participating within many high-profile national committees (IHE, eHI, IHE, HL7 international, Argonaut Project, EHRA) and the federal government (Office of National Coordinators) to advance the United States in healthcare data exchange.  
In 2010, he led the first longitudinal healthcare data exchanged between two electronic health records in the United States that was recognized by the federal government.  
In 2015, he was one of the original members and key contributor to the Sequoia Project, a data exchange repository that is used by the federal government today. 
Frank has consistently built lean and successful departments for large healthcare orgs. ($9 billion +) to advance operations and delivered on many complex projects some that are valued up to $88 million. 
Frank currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).