Blaze Launch

Blaze eGigStore is now open!

July 7th, 2022

It’s finally here! CFORTH has today launched our Patented and EPA Registered Fuel Saving Catalyst, Blaze EcoTech, as an eGigStore! Now available to all US and Canadian customers. The EU will follow shortly.

5 Packages Now Available! Free Shipping on Orders Above $100!
All orders above $100 include Free Shipping. The available packages are:

• 4 fuel tablets (1 package of 4 tablets)
• 10 fuel tablets (1 package of 10 tablets)
• 40 tablets (5 packages of 4 tablets and 2 packages of 10 tablets)
• 100 tablets (15 packages of 4 packages and 4 bags of 10 tablets). FREE SHIPPING!
• 180 tablets (20 packages of 4 tablets and 10 packages of 10 tablets). FREE SHIPPING!

Blaze: High Discounts and Generous Customer Credits!
CFORTH has also made sure not only to give out generous discounts, but also high Customer Credits on all Blaze purchases:

• VIP customers receive up to a 5% discount
• DBO customers receive up to a 12% discount (and more Customer Credits)
• DBO Pros receive up to a 25% discount (and the highest amount of Customer Credits).

Our largest packages offer the deepest discounts. Plus, depending upon your subscription status, you will get even better Pricing and more Customer Credits.

Shipped under the Ferox Brand
During a start-up period, CFORTH/Blaze EcoTech will be shipping the fuel catalyst tablet under the brand name “Ferox”. Over time, Rennsli-Ferox products will be branded as “Blaze EcoTech, powered by the Rennsli Corporation”. 

About Rennsli Corporation
Established in 2008 in Utah, Rennsli has shipped their Patented and EPA Registered fuel saving catalyst to satisfied customers in over 26 countries with a focus on the B2B industry. Rennsli Corp has, during the past 15 years, diversified its business, establishing various corporate divisions.
How this Fuel Catalyst Works/What it Does
1 tablet treats 15 gallons (57 liters) of fuel. The tablet dissolves completely in the fuel and binds with the hydrocarbons, on a molecular level. The active ingredients of the tablet reduce the ignition temperature of the fuel, resulting in improved fuel consumption, lower emissions and reduced engine wear. 
Works in all Hydrocarbon Fuel Blends
This product can be used in all hydrocarbon fuel blends. These include gasoline, diesel, and ethanol.

US and International Patents and EPA Registration
Rennsli-Ferox has patented Blaze EcoTech’s fuel saving catalyst in the US, European Union, Canada and Australia. To look up Ferox’ US Patent, go to: Then search for “Ferox”.

Further, the fuel catalyst is also duly registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. To look up the EPA registration, visit Then search for “Rennsli”.

Fredrik Staël von Holstein, CFORTH’s CEO
“We have today delivered on yet another milestone in CFORTH’s short history! With fuel prices skyrocketing all over the globe, this unique product comes at the right time and it’s now available to our customers in the US and Canada. Rest assured that the launch of Blaze in Europe will also happen shortly!”