CFORTH Beta Launch!

CFORTH today has launched its website!
CFORTH is a revolutionary online marketplace that will allow customers to access great services and products with outstanding value, while earning extra income by sharing access with others. As of today, people can join CFORTH for free with no strings attached.

The eGig Stores – our services and products
During the fall of 2021, CFORTH will offer access to our products and services at great value from our eGig Stores. The eGig Stores will be managed by Oscar Bjers, former CEO of Apple in Sweden (2001-2021).

Non-paying Customers earn commission on referrals
Non-paying customers are called VIP Customers. They can join CFORTH free-of-charge and access the company’s services and products. VIPs can also earn commissions in up to three tiers in one of CFORTH’s compensation plans. Should customers wish to receive deeper discounts, and be eligible for higher commissions, CFORTH will offer monthly paid subscriptions: Digital Business Owner (DBO), or DBO Pro.

The eGigcoin – CFORTH’s own cryptocurrency coming in 2023
CFORTH will also offer its own cryptocurrency in 2023: The eGigcoin. The eGigcoin will be the first ever cryptocurrency to have a true valuation prior to being globally traded during the 2nd Quarter of 2023. Before that date, the eGigcoin cannot be purchased, sold or traded. However, customers will be able to earn the eGigcoin token as part of the commission program – the eGig Pay System.

Fairness and our corporate values
CFORTH’s values are based around “Fairness”. Fairness is the sum, embodiment, and culmination of CFORTH’s values. Fairness reflects every touchpoint within CFORTH, touching all processes and policies within our company. Fairness at CFORTH is the open relationship between CFORTH and our company’s staff, customers, and partners.

Celebrity board and experienced management
The Board of Directors consists of a legendary serial entrepreneur, a highly successful businessman involved in the movie and entertainment industry in Los Angeles, as well as a former CEO with a successful career at Apple. The Board will be complemented with a world-famous actor and movie director who will be introduced and presented later this year. The Management Team is made up of US executives with a world of experience from fast-growing, digital and international companies.

The website
CFORTH’s new website includes a rich front-end where customers can register and get detailed information about the company. The back end will offer CFORTH customers sophisticated admin pages where it will be possible to download company presentations and have full control of earned commissions., currently in beta, will initially allow access to the front-end, while the back-end, including payment processing, is expected to be launched during the months ahead.