What is eGigCoin?

The eGigCoin – CFORTH’s token with the intention to become a regulated cryptocurrency with a real valuation prior to being globally traded.
The plan is for the eGigCoin token to be converted in the second half of 2023. Until that time, CFORTH’s customers will be able to earn and save the eGigCoin token as part of the company’s commission program, the eGig Pay System.

Until the Second Half of 2023, the eGigCoin:
• Cannot be purchased or sold.
• Can only be earned by participating in CFORTH’s eGig Pay System.
• Can only be used as currency in many of CFORTH’s eGig Stores.
• Is financially backed at the rate of $1.00 per 1 eGigCoin.
• Is not a cryptocurrency. Until trading, the eGigCoin is a token.

The eGigCoin Bonus
Your commissions earned in the eGig Pay System will be paid in USD currency and you will receive a 20% Bonus to be paid in eGigCoin, saved in your wallet in your back office.

*Until the eGigCoin publicly trades, CFORTH guarantees that the company’s customers can claim the eGigCoin token in cash at the rate of $1 USD = 1 eGigCoin. This means that customers that do not want to keep their eGigCoin tokens will be able to exchange them for USD currency.