Earn referral income
with CFORTH!

Learn all about the 7 Ways to Earn with CFORTH!

Video explaining CFORTH’s commission plan, with easy to understand earning examples.

How does it work?

You recommend someone
to get access to CFORTH
using your personal invite code.

When they shop in our eGig Stores or purchase a subscription, up to 75% of CFORTH’s margin is paid back as a customer commission.

Your commission is calculated at the end of each month and automatically paid to your CFORTH wallet.

Up to 75% of CFORTH’product margins are paid back to our customers as commissions*.

*The actual percentage that is paid back to our customers, depends on the margins CFORTH has on each product, and on other factors such as special campaigns, etc.

Kickstart your Business
with Fast Start!

Fast Start Bonus!

Kickstart your Business!

Earn a Fast Start Cash Bonus each time someone you invited purchases a DBO/PRO Subscription, or a Fast Start Package!

Anyone can get started with
our Fast Start Bonus!

Build a residual income
with eGigPay!

10 Tier Pay

Wealth Builder

Build your team to long term wealth. Earn more as your personal network grows. Start building wealth now!

Where fortunes are made!

Linear Pay

Invite 1 get paid on 20

For every active subscriber you invite, get paid on the next 20 people, anywhere in the world.

The attrition buster that rewards everybody.

Global Share Pay

Benefit from joining early

DBO PROs get a share of CFORTH’s global bonus pools ebased on how many have joined after you globally!

Your Leadership Bonus!

Aim for the stars
with eGigCoin!


The X factor

Every time you earn commission, you also receive an additional 20% Bonus in eGigCoin, our exclusive bonus token.

Spend it, exchange it, or save it! Remember! Our intention is to turn the eGigCoin into a tradable cryptocurrency at the end of 2024*.

*CFORTH makes no guarantee, of any kind, that the eGigCoin will be converted into a cryptocurrency. Until further notice, the eGigCoin works as a bonus token. CFORTH customers may, at any time, trade in their eGigCoins at the ratio 1 eGigCoin = 1 USD

How much can I earn?

Earnings are mainly determined by the number of people you invite and the CC (Customer Credit) value of their orders.

Every time someone you invited makes a purchase, you earn commission!

Up to 75% of CFORTH’product margins are paid back to our customers as commissions.

What are Customer Credits?

Customer Credits (CC) is a value that is assigned to our products, and is the part that is used to calculate customer commissions.

DBO & PRO subscribers get access to more commission models.

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