Fairness is the sum, embodiment and culmination of CFORTH’s values. Fairness reflects every touchpoint within CFORTH, touching all processes and policies within our company. Fairness at CFORTH is the open relationship between CFORTH and our company’s staff, customers and partners.


CFORTH follows a strategy of maximum transparency for our customers, partners and staff.

Transparency means a commitment to quality, accountability, effectiveness and a win-win situation with our customers and business partners.

Further, the commission structure as well as commissions that are due to our customers are displayed in the most transparent and easy to understand fashion as possible.


Security – CFORTH has created a commission system which is simple, easy to understand – but also unique: eGig Pay.

As money is earned, commissions (not later than Q2 2023) will be secured by a renowned, international and certified law firm.

Therefore, customer commissions will be paid in a secure fashion.


The services and products at CFORTH stand for quality and tremendous value.

CFORTH’s customers always get a great deal when buying the services and products from our eGig Stores.

“Value” also means that basic membership is free and that anyone, regardless of their subscription level, can earn extra income through referrals.