Mass Pay Integration

MassPay successfully launched!

After weeks of tech integration and design work, CFORTH today successfully deployed MassPay as the company’s payout solution.

May 30, 2022

CFORTH launched MassPay today – an automatic, secure and hyper fast payout solution that allows CFORTH customers to send their earned commissions to bank accounts, including crypto accounts, in record speed and at low costs.

Thanks to CFORTH’s great tech, user experience (UX) and design teams, to activate MassPay has been made very easy. In a matter of 2-3 minutes, CFORTH customers can activate their MassPay accounts and send their well-deserved commissions to the destination of choice. The only requirements are that the main wallet balance must be at least $50 and that the minimum transaction to MassPay is at least $10.

Once the customer has opened up a MassPay account, he/she will be met by a wide range of payout options. A US customer can i.e., send money to a bank account or debit card for as little as $1. Further, for those customers that want their money to be sent by speed, there are several solutions that make sure that money is received almost immediately. 

MassPay activation can be found in the Wallet tab on the menu and in the earnings tab in the eGigOffice.

CFORTH’s CEO, Fredrik Staël von Holstein:

Controlling earnings has now been made a lot easier for our customers as we today successfully deployed MassPay after weeks of design / user experience and technical integration work. I would like to thank the UX/Design and Tech teams for, once again, developing and integrating advanced and secure technology solutions – in record speed. CFORTH has, as a company, proven yet again that we take the principles of Transparency, Security and Value extremely seriously as the MassPay solution brings these three values – directly to our customers.