Fredrik Stael von Holstein

New CEO brings strong skill set to CFORTH

A true international Business Leader has joined CFORTH! Fredrik Staël von Holstein has today joined CFORTH as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

CEO of nine companies
Fredrik is a high-level Swedish executive with a long and successful career from working in dynamic and fast-growing companies and industries. Specialized as a turn-around expert, Fredrik has been the CEO of no less than nine international corporations.

Moreover, he has worked in a wide range of industries, from education and travel, media, group buying, telemarketing, e-commerce, and online gambling. Fredrik now joins CFORTH after working 7 years in the online gaming industry in Malta, which is one of the world’s fastest growing, and most digitally advanced, dynamic and competitive industries.

Fredrik SvH comments:
It’s an absolute joy to join CFORTH! I am looking forward in helping to grow this company into a successful, international business, while always staying true to what I feel is the backbone of CFORTH: our corporate values, that are based on “Fairness”.

We have decided that Fairness is what customers will get by doing business with us and we will achieve “fairness” by always sticking to our moto of Transparency, Security and Value. It will be a pleasure to build this company and I’m excited and looking forward to the years ahead as I’m 100% certain that it’ll be a joy ride!

Here’s a look back at Fredrik’s exciting professional career!

Chief Executive Officer of Evoke Gaming Ltd
Between 2015-19, Fredrik was the CEO of Evoke Gaming Ltd, a company with 120 employees. Fredrik quickly turned Evoke into a data driven business with a focus on business intelligence, automation and CRM monetization. In only two years, Fredrik had taken Evoke from losses of € -10M to a break-even result and in 2018 he successfully sold the company to Mr Green, one of Europe’s most well-known and largest online casino operators. Since 2019 he has run his own Maltese management consultancy company.

Chief Marketing Officer of Mr Green
Prior to his role at Evoke, between 2014-15, Fredrik was the CMO of Mr Green. At Mr Green, which was quoted on Swedish NASDAQ, he was instrumental in improving the yearly sales growth by over 30%. The strong sales results were primarily achieved by massive improvements to the customer journey as well as the establishment of a VIP department – all falling under Fredrik’s area of responsibility.

Chief Executive Officer of Direct Printer Service
Between 2007-13, Fredrik ran a telemarketing business that sold office supplies throughout Europe from offices in three countries. During these years, and under Fredrik’s leadership, DPS delivered stable and continuous financial profits.

Chief Executive Officer of Metro
Between 2002-06, Fredrik was the CEO of the Metro newspaper in the Czech Republic/ Eastern Europe/ Spain and Portugal. While he launched Metro from scratch in Portugal, in Spain he turned a -5 million loss making operation around in only 2 years. Metro was, at the time, the world’s most read daily newspaper with almost 20 million readers world-wide.

Chief Operating Officer (acting CEO) of
Between 1998-2001, Fredrik was part of the Swedish .com revolution: as the COO (and acting CEO) of, he played an instrumental part in growing sales from € 0 to € 30 million in only 3 years. By the year 2000, LetsBuyIt was shipping 1 million parcels across the European Union. LetsBuyIt was the world’s first group buying company. At the end of the 1990ies, during the .com era, it was also one of Europe’s most famous internet companies.

Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Television
In 1996-98, Fredrik was the CEO of Interactive Television in Spain, a company he also turned around, going from losses to profitability in his second year. The company produced and commercialized the Teletext for the National TV channel Telecinco, and also for the Regional TV channel Telemadrid.

Country Product Manager of EF Language Travel
Fredrik started his career in 1993 with EF Education. Between 1993-96, he was the Country Product Manager for EF in Sweden and Mexico. EF Education is the world’s largest education company.

A true international profile joins CFORTH!
Fredrik has lived in 13 countries and stock-listed 2 companies. He speaks Swedish, English, German and Spanish and, as some of his fellow Swedes, he also understands Norwegian and Danish.