New Subscriptions & EU Launch!

Hollywood, California, September 15, 2002

CFORTH has today launched an updated website, plus new subscription packages that save customers more than they spend, providing tremendous value when subscribing to CFORTH.

Blaze arrives in the EU!

The company is happy to announce that sales of CFORTH’s patented and EPA registered fuel catalyst, Blaze, is now also available for all customers residing in the European Union.

Subscriptions now include Blaze!

Thanks to CFORTH’s new subscription packages, DBOs and DBO PROs can now receive Blaze each month on autoship, in the US, Canada, and in the EU.

New subscription plans starting today!

For $29.95/Month, DBOs get:

  • 4 Blaze Fuel Saving Tablets – on autoship (monthly)
  • $600 in Hotel Credits from Voyager (annually)
  • 10 Customer Credits (monthly)

For $69.95/Month, PROs get:

  • 16 Blaze Fuel Saving Tablets each month – on autoship (4 – 4 Packs)
  • $1500 in Hotel Credits from Voyager (annually)
  • 30 Customer Credits (monthly)
  • Pre-qualification for Global Share Pay Bonus Pools

New Fast Start Business Packs! Earn $250/pack!

A special Fast Start Business Pack has also been launched, tailored to those who want to kick-start their CFORTH business and grow an organization.

The Fast Start Business Pack comes with an unprecedented high commission of no less than $250 for each Fast Start Business Pack sold. The offer is limited to one Fast Start Business Pack Per Customer Per Year.

The $499 Fast Start Business Pack includes:

150 Fuel Saving Tablets from Blaze EcoTech:

  • This patented and EPA registered fuel catalyst can save customers up to 20% in fuel costs.
  • 150 tablets treat up to 3000 gallons (11,356 liters) of both gasoline and diesel fuel!
  • The Fast Start Business Pack includes 30 tablets in (3) 10-packs and 120 tablets in (30) 4-packs.
  • During the months of September and October, the packs will be branded under the Ferox brand and starting in November, they will carry the Blaze EcoTech brand.

Voyager Unlimited:

  • Access to Voyager Unlimited for an entire year!
  • Access to over 2 million Hotels, Airlines, Car Rentals, Cruises, Condos and Resorts with the lowest prices available, and more!
  • Voyager Unlimited will save subscribers thousands all year long!

Incredible Fast Start Bonuses!

DBOs and DBO PROs receive a cash bonus every time a new subscriber joins CFORTH!*

  • For each DBO: $15!
  • For each DBO PRO: $30!
  • For each Fast Start Business Pack: $250!

*This is a one-time payment during the subscribers’ first month. As of the second month after joining CFORTH, the DBO/DBO PRO receives 10 Customer Credits for each DBO and 30 Customer Credits for each DBO PRO.

Important information for existing DBO & DBO PROs

Existing DBOs and DBO PROs can keep their current subscription plans.

This means that, if you are an existing DBO, or DBO PRO, you do NOT have to upgrade to the new subscription packages.

DBOs: if you decide not to upgrade, you will not receive our fuel saving tablets each month, but you will keep your current Voyager subscription.

Also, DBO PROs who upgrade to the new DBO PRO subscription plans, will not receive Voyager Unlimited, but will now receive $1500 in Hotel Credits (plus 16 tablets of Blaze each month).

Important Note:

  • Due to technical considerations, we do not offer a $5.00 upgrade.
  • This will be the start of a new payment cycle for the new plan.
  • This means that your recurring payment will happen every month on the date when your new subscription begins.
  • If you wish to wait until just before your renewal date to upgrade, that is your choice, but please note that we do not pro-rate an upgrade.


  • If you decide to switch to a new subscription, you can wait until the day before your current subscription renews.
  • Then, you can purchase your new subscription, which will start immediately.