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Improves Combustion

Increases Power

Reduces Engine Wear

Reduces Fuel Costs

Reduces Emissions

Frequently Asked Questions

The tablet dissolves completely in the fuel and binds with the hydrocarbons, on a molecular level. The active ingredients reduces the ignition temperature of the fuel, improving the combustion process, giving you more power with each piston stroke.

Using Ferox Fuel Tabs at the recommended dosage, will never cause damage to an engine. In fact, when used correctly and frequently, it will lengthen the life of your engine.

Ferox Fuel Tabs are also tested and supported with decades of research and scientific testing.

Ferox Fuel Tabs do not contain detergents, which can cause problems by plugging in filters or injectors and causing fuel pump failures.

Further, our product will not void an engine warranty because Ferox Fuel Tablets do not change any fuel specifications.

Note that Rennsli-Ferox has not had a single claim on engine damage since Rennsli was founded in 2008.

The generic answer to this is “YES”.

Most users experience fuel savings between 7% and 22%.

The actual saving depends on what type of engine you have, and on the fuel you use. Moreover, your savings are also linked to how you drive.

The best way is to try it out yourself. When you measure the savings, remember that the variables need to be as similar as possible. Check your mileage. Take the same road. Try to drive during the same conditions: i.e., same weight in the car and the same amount of fuel, etc.

Yes, Rennsli-Ferox has this product registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

EPA Registration:

https://www3.epa.gov/otaq/fuels1/ffars/web-addt.htm. Search: “Rennsli”.

Moreover, the product has global patents in several countries and jurisdictions.

US Patent:

https://ppubs.uspto.gov/pubwebapp/. Search: “12/093570″.

In addition, Rennsli-Ferox also has patents in Australia, Canada and the European Union.

Yes. Ferox helps to reduce carbon and other harmful emissions. How much it reduces pollution depends on various factors. Note that any amount of fuel you save eliminates CO2, including harmful emissions.

Yes. Ferox tablets will reduce your engine of harmful, abrasive, acidic, combustion resistant deposits.

Ferox can be used in all hydrocarbon fuel blends. These include gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol.

When applied to methanol, it should be applied several hours before the methanol is used to ensure it has completely dissolved.

It works great in all combustion engines, large and small! We recommend you use it in any engine that burns fuel.

One tablet treats 15 gallons (57 liters).

If you have a small fuel tank, simply break the tablet in half. If you have a large fuel tank, use more than one tablet depending on the size of your tank.

For best results use our product every time you fill your tank.

Note that consistent use of Ferox will help to clean and maintain optimal performance of the combustion chamber of your vehicle.

Carbon, Hydrogen and a Molecular Combustion Catalyst.

No, it’s not flammable. Therefore, it’s safe to transport.

There are copycat fuel saving products that may be flammable, and thus are not safe to use, or may damage your engine in the long run.

One tablet treats 15 gallons (57 liters) of fuel. So, if you fill up your car with, say, 7.5 gallons (28 liters), break the tablet in half and put that into your tank.

It’s easy. Before filling your tank, deposit the recommended amount of tablets into your tank before you fuel up.

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Rennsli Corporation is a chemical engineering company with production, R&D and operations in Orem, Utah. Ferox is a commercial company belonging to Rennsli Corp.

Rennsli’s technology emerged during a R&D and manufacturing project of solid rocket fuel for Thiokol & Hercules in the 1980s’. The PhD chemist leading the research, Dr. Wesley Parish, saw similarities between solid rocket fuel and the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels (in an engine). This understanding allowed Dr. Parish to engineer a revolutionary fuel additive that improves the combustion process in an engine.

In 2008, Dr Parish’ company became Rennsli Corporation. Rennsli Corp is managed by the son of Dr. Parish, Thomas Parish, who’s also the company’s CEO. The combustion catalyst has since developed to encompass all types of fuels, and the solid borne fuel catalyst has been Rennsli’s core business for the past 15 years.

Rennsli’s fuel catalyst has been patented in four jurisdictions (US, European Union, Canada and Australia) and it is also registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Rennsli-Ferox has, since 2008, shipped their products to satisfied customers in over 26 countries with a focus on the B2B industry.

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