Passion projects

At CFORTH we have a duty and an obligation in today’s world to serve as many people as we can. Our projects will range from assisting the homeless and children in need, to cleaning up the world’s oceans. Our passion projects will deliver on causes all over the globe to help make the world a better place.

A portion of CFORTH’s net revenues will be set aside for charity purposes.

Having a passion for charity, movie star, producer and Hollywood celebrity Neal McDonough is passionate about worthwhile charity projects. With Neal’s impeccable professional and personal reputation, it is a true honor that Neal McDonough heads up CFORTH’s Corporate Social Responsibility area.

Neal will, alongside the Board of Directors, develop the company’s CSR strategy. The CSR Strategy may include projects that focus on the assistance of children in need and cleaning up of our oceans.

The intention is for our CSR projects to be delivered on causes all over the globe and be transparently reported to the public via CFORTH’s website.


CFORTH was funded on the principle of ”Fairness”.

”Fairness” is the culmination of CFORTH’s guiding principles (Transparency, Security and Value). But ”Fairness” is not only the foundation of CFORTH’s corporate values: it is also the foundation of the company’s corporate soul.

CFORTH’s corporate culture of “Fairness” was also the main reason why Neal McDonough decided to join CFORTH to supervise the company’s CSR policies and projects.

Leaving a legacy

The intention of CFORTH’s two founders, Mark Seyforth and Fredrik Staël von Holstein is to create one of the world’s fastest growing companies, creating tremendous value for our customers and partners, and leaving a legacy of goodwill across the globe.

Together with Neal McDonough and others, we believe in creating a positive impact in the world in which we live in. The entire CFORTH Team is dedicated to this premise and the legacy we leave behind.


Transparency and CSR

Following one of our corporate values, Transparency, all CSR initiatives will be audited (yearly) to prove the authenticity of our company’s CRS initiatives.

The results from the Audit will be published under the CSR section of