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At CFORTH it is our desire to make sure your experience is a pleasant one. If you have any questions you need answers for, please review our Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page. If you cannot find your answer, please fill out the form below and we will do our best to provide a solution for your needs. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you came here through a reference link from any of your contacts, the invite code should be prefilled when signing up.

If you found our site in any other way, and don’t have an invite code, please contact support and they will help you obtain an invite code.

VIP Customer

VIP Customers are members that access CFORTH 100% free of charge.

When you register, your VIP Account is loaded with $75 in Hotel Credits.

When you book your hotel, the discount that our travel booking engine has found for you, is deducted from the $75 that you received in Hotel Credits.

Further, the VIP customers get:

Up to 10% savings on purchases on Products and Services in the eGig Store.

Referral commissions in our 10 Tier Pay System (up to 3 Levels).

Digital Business Owner (DBO)

This subscription is $24.95/ Month. A DBO gets all the benefits of a VIP customer, plus: 

• Receive $600 in hotel credits on over 1 million hotels & resorts worldwide.

Eligible to earn income via our 3 compensation plans based on qualification*.

• Income from Linear Pay 1. 

• Income on 10 Tiers of Referrals. 

• Income from Global Share Pay. 

• 7 CC (Customer Credits) as part of their monthly subscription.

• Get additional Savings on products and services in our eGig Stores.

• DBO can earn larger amounts of eGigcoin (than the VIP customer).

*A position in the CFORTH genealogy. However, a DBOs cannot receive any compensation from downline unless they are qualified by meeting all qualification requirements outlined in the Compensation Plan.

The monthly cost for a DBO subscription cost is $24.95/ Month. This includes a $9.95 Business fee (sophisticated and advanced Business & Marketing Tools).

Digital Business Owner Pro (DBO Pro)

This subscription is a $64.95/ Month subscription fee.

A DBO Pro Subscriber has access to everything in the DBO subscription, Plus:

• Includes a premium travel subscription with Lowest Price on Hotels & Resort Bookings Guaranteed. Access to Rental Cars & Cruises. – Homes via Air BnB, Weekly Resorts, Marketplace. – Activities & Excursions, Lifestyle Product Discounts.

• Receive 28 CC (Customer Credits) as part of their monthly subscription.

• Automatically qualifies for 1 of 3 qualifications (CC Qualification) in the first 4 pools of the Global Share Pay Compensation plan.

• DBO Pros will receive the deepest discounts available on products and services in the CFORTH Marketplace.

• The DBO Pro can earn the largest amounts of eGigcoin. 

• The monthly cost for a DBO Pro subscription is $64.95/ Month. This includes a $9.95 business maintenance fee (sophisticated and advanced Business & Marketing Tools).

To update your credit card information, in your dashboard area click on:

1. Account Info 2. My Account (to update your personal information) 3. Payment 4. New Card 5. Past Due.

– Then process your payment.

Or you can send us an email ( to process your payment once you have funds in your bank account or updated your credit card.

Please note that you have 48 hours to upgrade your payment, or you will be downgraded to VIP CUSTOMER.

Commissions are calculated and will be paid within 30 days.

Monthly commissions begin accruing during the 2nd month of enrollment. The pay period starts at the beginning of each month and ends on the last day of each month.

You can have your commission money transferred to your bank through your back office.

If you have received more than $50 in commissions, you will be eligible to sign up for our Debit Card to receive your commissions with a small fee.

VIP Customer Access may be cancelled at any time by emailing

Requests submitted after the commission period shall be granted, minus payment of any bonuses that have been paid out to the field.

All requests for cancellations for DBO/DBO Pro Subscriptions must be sent to You will then be sent a communication to your back office and/or the email address on file for the DBO account which you must acknowledge by submitting a reply. Please note that this must be done in order for us to properly verify your identity and the authenticity of the request.

A DBO may terminate its subscription at any given time. The termination will officially take place at the end of the current pay period.

Since the subscription is a monthly fee, there are no pro-rated refunds during the month.

Most log errors are due to wrong passwords, missed characters or capitalization mistakes.

Please double check your entry.

If you get timed out, which occur after 5 tries, you will have to wait approximately 5 minutes before you can try again.

When you try to log in, you can choose to get your password via email.

  • Click on “Forgot Password”
  • Enter your email in the box
  • You will receive instructions on how to recover it.

In your “back office” (admin system) you will find a tab on the left-hand side.

To access your back-office you need to have logged in.

If you are having trouble accessing your site or benefits, please make sure that you try the following:

• Make sure you are connected to the internet • Clear your Browser Cache • Clear your History & Cookies • Change Browsers (ex. use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox)

If you still cannot access the site, please send us an email at

You can invite as many people as you wish to CFORTH.

Provide them with your access code (url) found in your back office in order receive acknowledgement and benefit that you have brought them into the Marketplace.

An invitee is someone who has been introduced to CFORTH and has become either a VIP Customer, DBO, or DBO Pro.

This person will be added to the linear pay system and will benefit by receiving access to the CFORTH Marketplace and be eligible for referral commissions based on qualification.

Log into your back office at

You will see the invite link code and URL in the main window. Copy the complete url, not just the code.

Share this information with others and you will be credited with them joining the program.

Tax filing is the responsibility of the subscriber who is paid commissions from CFORTH.

CFORTH is not responsible to look after CFORTH customers tax scenarios.

No. CFORTH is an online marketplace where people who have access, can purchase products and services of quality value and at discount prices.

Further, people can join CFORTH for free and it is not mandatory for a Non-Paying Customer (referred to as a VIP Customer) to upgrade to a paid subscription.

In other words: a VIP customer can remain a VIP customer for life (without paying anything).

VIP customers can even earn income based on referrals who enter the Marketplace and purchase products and services.

eGig stores contain services/products that are offered to CFORTH customers at great value. Our customers also have the benefit to earn an extra income based on referrals.

CFORTH’s commission plan known as eGig Pay, consists of Linear Pay, Global Share Pay and 10 Tier Pay.

Customers who choose to share the products or services with others, and they make purchases, they will also earn a commission via eGig Pay.

eGig Pay is explained in detail under “CFORTH Factor” on the website. Here you will find Downloadable PDFs.

A CFORTH Participant earns Customer Commissions (CC) in 3 ways:

1. DBO receives 7 CC per pay period 2. DBO Pro receives 28 CC per pay period 3. All participants receive CC based on their purchase of products or services (except travel)

Total income earned via CC, at the end of the period, gets distributed into the 3 compensation plans:

• Linear Pay: 25% (of total commissions) • Global Share Pay: 25% (of total commissions) • 10 Tier Pay: 50% (of total commissions)

A CFORTH customer has no requirements (regardless of if the customer is a non-paying customer, or a customer that is paying a monthly subscription).

There are no minimum or maximum purchases, requirements or obligations to fulfill.

All CFORTH customers receiving access to the Marketplace can receive commissions based on referral to others who purchase products and services.

Clarify the fact that CFORTH is an online marketplace with free access.

There are no fees or requirements other than to submit your name and email.

In other words: following CFORTH’s Corporate Values that are based on Transparency, Security and Value (Fairness), there are no strings attached to join CFORTH. There are no hidden requirements or obligations.

Yes. At CFORTH we will provide a variety of stores in our marketplace over the months and years ahead.

We are on the lookout for products and services that offer both quality and value to our customers.

We will notify our customers as new eGig stores become available.

No. A Distributor is one that resells products from a company. You are not the reseller of products. You provide access to CFORTH’s online marketplace.

Income is generated from the sale of products and services only. When you invite someone to join CFORTH, they have the opportunity to purchase those products and services.

You can earn commission based on the products and services they purchase based on your referral.

The more people you refer to the CFORTH Marketplace, the better opportunity you have to earn commission.

There is no limit to the amount of people you can invite to CFORTH.

There is no cost to register and become a customer with CFORTH and/or to get access to the CFORTH Marketplace. One only has to be invited by an existing customer.

We offer three ways to join and be a part of our community:

1. VIP Customer (Non-Paying Customer) 2. Digital Business Owner – $24.95 / month 3. Digital Business Owner Pro – $64.95 / month.

If you are a supplier / manufacturer / distributor of products and are interested in bringing them to the CFORTH online marketplace, please fill out the support form above and we will contact you to investigate your offering.

No, it’s not. The eGigcoin is not a cryptocurrency, it is a token. We have the intention to convert the eGigCoin to become one of the first cryptocurrencies to have a true valuation prior to being globally traded in the second half of 2023. Until that time, the eGigcoin will act as a token. Until the eGigcoin trades, customers can either:

1. Exchange their eGigCoins to CFORTH at a rate of 1 USD$ = 1 eGigCoin (token)

2. Use them in the eGig Stores to purchase products and services

3. Keep them.

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Virgin Islands, U.S.

Log into your account, then click on the eGig Office button at the bottom of the panel. Next look for the phrase ” Change Code”. Click on that. New panel appears.

Enter your new code.

Make your invite code personal and memorable.

The code has to be between 5 and 15 characters, and can contain letters and numbers

Note! Changing your code will make your old invite code, link and QR code invalid.

Should you wish to convert your eGig Coins into cash, please send a note to customer support ( and we can process that order for you. We will have to verify your account. Your cash will be put into your wallet. Each eGig Coin is worth 1 US Dollar.