The CFORTH Factor.


We have gathered the best deals in one place for you. This is where you will find everything from Travel to shopping at tremendous value.


Explore the world at unbeatable prices and enhanced experiences. From simple travels to extended voyaging around the world with Exclusive CFORTH members.

Exclusive travel deals for CFORTH customers, enabling a great discount when buying for yourself, as well as giving you the opportunity to earn commission with the ones you have recommended.


We are bringing you products in the forefront in a variety of categories that enriches your life with enhanced experiences at great prices.

Exclusive deals for CFORTH customers, enabling a great discount when buying for yourself as well as giving you the opportunity to earn commission when the ones you have recommended are buying products and services.

… and more to come


Save, Share, Earn.

Earning commissions has never been easier with eGig Pay. Shop at our eGig Stores. Share your experience and savings with others. Earn commissions upon referrals.

Save, Share and Earn! It’s as easy as that!

Linear Pay

A revolutionary and unique model that rewards you not only on your own invites, but the next 20 active invites after them. Regardless if you invited them or not!

So don’t wait around. Lock your position in Linear Pay, and start earning rewards as a DBO (Digital Business Owner) from the next 20 people after your first invite.

25% of all commissions are distributed to Linear Pay.

Global Share Pay

Global Share Pay is a Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool based on 3 criteria: Number of people who have joined the company after you, number of personal invites and amount of customer credits you earn each pay period.

Remember when you join, the entire world joins after you!

25% of all commissions are distributed to Global Share Pay.

10 Tier Pay

This is the backbone of our commission model where you can earn rewards up to 10 Tiers, and even up to 3 Tiers as a VIP Customer – free of charge.

With our groundbreaking compression system, additional income can be made from customers that would otherwise fall outside your maximum Tier.

50% of all commissions are distributed to 10 Tier Pay.


We have the intention to convert our eGigCoin token to become one of the first regulated cryptocurrencies to have a true valuation prior to being globally traded.

Until the eGigCoin token trades (in the 2nd half of 2023) it:

  • Can only be earned by participation in CFORTH’s eGigPay System.
  • Can only be used as currency in CFORTH’s eGigStores.
  • Is financially backed by CFORTH and can be exchanged in cash: $1 for 1 eGigCoin.
  • Is not a cryptocurrency. Until trading, the eGigCoin is a token.