The eGigStore shopping platform goes live!

The First NutraGrove products have been shipped!

After many months of developments, a milestone has now been reached with the launch of CFORTH’s eGigStore shopping platform. The platform has been developed by CFORTH’s own technology and design teams.

The eGigStore shopping platform has also enabled CFORTH to launch its’ first eGigStore products within the Health and Wellness category: Nutra Grove.

NutraGrove’s product line, PCR Pure, belongs to Nutra Life Biosciences Inc., a stock-listed company (Stock Symbol: NLBS). Nutra Life’s wellness products bring the highest quality, most beneficial and effective nutrients as well as efficient delivery systems to CFORTH’s eGigStore.  

NutraGrove is live on the eGigStore with 7 of Nutra Life’s wellness products and the first orders have already been successfully delivered. Over time, more of NutraLife’s exciting health and wellness products will be added to the eGigStore. 

NutraGrove offers the following:  

  1. Customers that join CFORTH without any cost are called VIP customers. VIPs receive a 10% discount on all of NutraGrove’s products. VIP customers also accumulate Customer Credits (CC) for each purchase. The CCs are awarded to calculate commissions in accordance with CFORTH’s eGigPay compensation plan. 
  1. Digital Business Owners (DBOs) receive a 15% discount on all of NutraGrove’s products and more Customer Credits (CC) compared to VIP Customers. 
  1. DBO Pros receive the deepest discount, 25%, on all of NutraGrove’s products, and also receive the highest amount of Customer Credits (CC) for each purchase.

Fredrik Staël von Holstein, CFORTH’s CEO: 

The launch of our eGigStore Shopping Platform is obviously a major break-through for us. I’d like to thank all of our customers who have patiently been waiting for this day. I would also like to make a promise: during the weeks, months and years ahead, CFORTH will be adding thousands of products and services to our eGigStore!