World-famous actor and movie producer, Neal McDonough, joins CFORTH!

Los Angeles, July 28, 2022

Neal McDonough has joined CFORTH! Neal is a world-famous American actor and producer who has over 130 movies and series to his credit. He has worked with the biggest names in Hollywood in countless blockbusters since the 1990s.

Neal is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors. He now joins CFORTH as the company’s Brand Ambassador and will oversee the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”).

Watch Mark’s sit down with Neal McDonough!

Early Life

Neal grew up in Barnstable, Massachusetts. He graduated from Barnstable High School, and attended Syracuse University in upstate New York, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1988. He had obtained several college scholarships to play baseball, but decided to go to Syracuse as he thought it had the best theater department.


Neal has had major roles in films such as Minority Report with Tom Cruise, Star Trek First Contact, Walking Tall with Dwayne Johnson, The Guardian with Kevin Costner, Captain America: the first Avenger, Sonic the Hedgehog, Flags of Our Fathers, Red 2 with Bruce Willis, “1922”, and many more.

TV Series

Neal has also appeared in numerous television series such as Mob City, ABC’s Desperate Housewives, Justified, Band of Brothers, Boomtown, Suits, and Legends of Tomorrow. His latest character is Malcolm Beck in Yellowstone, alongside Kevin Costner.

Voice Overs

Neal is also known for voicing a variety of animated comic book characters, most notably Bruce Banner in the animated TV series The Incredible Hulk, and Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Neal McDonough and CFORTH

Neal will head up Corporate Social Responsibility at CFORTH. Also, he will promote CFORTH through Commercials, on Social Media and Events. Being a man of faith, Neal McDonough is passionate about charity and helping people in need, especially children. And during the fall of 2022, the company’s CSR strategy will be developed by CFORTH and Neal McDonough.

All CSR and Charity Projects will be available to view on CFORTH’s website, under the CSR section:

Mark Seyforth

Chairman and Co-founder

Neal is not only one of Hollywood’s most respected actors and producers. He’s also a close friend. I could therefore not have been prouder of the fact that Neal will be CFORTH’s face to the world. More importantly, Neal will be the person who decides what CFORTH will do in the world of charity and CSR. I am so looking forward to working with Neal and to get him involved in all the good things we will do in CFORTH!

Neal McDonough

My values are incredibly important to me. And many companies have wanted to work with me to endorse their products over the years. But I haven’t felt confident about their corporate heart and, therefore, I have never endorsed more than a few businesses. That’s until I met Mark Seyforth and he told me about a new concept called “eGig marketing”, which will be the next big thing online. What really got me excited was CFORTH’s world class executive management team and board of directors, that all endorsed the company’s founding principle, which is based on one word: FAIRNESS. The corporate culture at CFORTH align with my beliefs and I look forward to work with the Team and all CFORTH Members going forward!

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